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Tennessee Vols SEC Season Champions

Congratulations to Coach Bruce Pearl and the rest of the Tennessee Vols on winning the SEC regular season championship as the march toward San Antonio.31jxzcy1phl_aa280_.jpg


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A Democrat Powerhouse? Really?

I have had a lot of things going on this past month, and I haven’t been able to take the time to post and update Espective as I would have liked.  Hopefully, I can do a better job of posting more in the future.  With that being said, I was going through some old emails and ran across this little nugget that was forwarded to me back on January 14.  I meant to post it, but I got busy with life and forgot about it. 

Apparently, news was kind of slow when this astute statement was written.   The following quote can be found in the January edition of the Washington Monthly:

“And today’s youth?  It turns out it’s a Democratic powerhouse.  In the early nineties young voters began shifting rapidly toward the Democratic Party and haven’t looked back since, even after a Republican won the White House in 2000.  Today, twenty-somethings lean Democratic by as much as 52%.”

Does that make any sense to you?  As my friend pointed out, the U.S. is primarily a two-party system.  You would pretty much expect somewhere around 50% for each, give or take a percent or two for Independents or other parties. 

You also have to wonder what the margin of error was on the poll they took to obtain the 52% majority.  You would have to assume this percentage was within the margin of error.  If that’s the case, it could actually swing the other way and place the twenty-somethings in the majority for the Republican.  With that scenario, couldn’t they actually be a Republican powerhouse?

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The Reagan Diaries

Not long after it came out, I had the opportunity to read The Reagan Diaries. It was very interesting to me to see how Reagan dealt with issues, problems, and everyday life as the President.

During this time of state primaries, I recommend the reading of this book. Since all of the Republican nominees evoke the name of Ronald Reagan at every chance they get, people should learn about how the man went about being President on a day-by-day basis.

This book will give you a greater appreciation for who Ronald Reagan was and just how great of a President he was. You will also see that none of the current Presidential nominees is another Ronald Reagan.

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