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Bush Shows True Colors By Selling Out to the Global Warming Hoax

The Washington Times has a story today that says President George W. Bush wants Congress to pass a bill to combat global warming. Source within the administration said this is a move to try to move the Republican party closer to the center on global warming, and they hope this will end the debate on the issue.

I guess this confirms what real conservatives have thought for a long time. George W. Bush is not a true conservative, but he is really a closet liberal. This idea of man-made global warming is nothing more than a myth that has been created by liberals to gain more control over our lives and to take away our freedoms. It has been proven to be untrue. This whole idea that man is creating global warming is bull crap. Al Gore and his “theories” has been proven wrong time and time again. Why are we still giving in to these false beliefs and myths?

I hope conservatives will wake up and realize that Bush used us only to get elected. He knew he needed conservatives to get elected, especially conservative Christians. We were sold down the river over his two terms. He refuses to get a backbone with liberals. The only people he has a backbone with are countries he can invade. By him jumping on the global warming bandwagon to appease liberals, he has shown his true colors and beliefs, and they are not conservative. I’ll post more on him later.


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Dr. James Manning Interview

WGOW 102.3 FM has made the interview with Dr. James Manning available for download.  This is the interview that I referenced in my Barak Obama’s 54DD post.

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Liberals and Freedom of Speech

I guess Hot Air America and the liberals running this network really don’t believe in freedom of speech after all.  The New York Times has a politics blog stating that host Randi Rhodes has been suspended for calling Hillary Clinton and Gerladine Ferraro whores.  While I’m not sure that label is 100% accurate, isn’t she free to give her opinion?  Aren’t liberals always lecturing us about freedom of speech?

April 4, 2008 at 9:48 am 2 comments

Clinton In Dept-Campaign Cash Strapped

Politico has an article about how much in debt the Clinton campaign is in.  You can go here to read it.  Apparently, she owes a pair of Ohio companies $25,000,  pollster and strategist Mark Penn $2.5 million, MSHC Partners $807,000, Spoken Hub $771,000, and ad maker Grunwald $467,000.  At the end of February, she apparently still owed around 700 individual debts.

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Barak Obama’s 54DD

I know this video is old by now, but I thought I would post it because it was interesting. Pastor James Manning was on a local radio show today on Talk Radio 102.3 FM today. Hopefully, they will make his segment a podcast on their website soon.

Anyway, Pastor Manning explained his comments in a logical and lucid manner. The crux of his comments was the black community needs to look at the substance, or lack there of, ob Barak Obama and they should jump on his band wagon just because he is black. He also mentioned that he was not advocating for Hillary Clinton. Manning went on to say he did not agree with Bill Clinton being referred to as “the first black President.” He thought it was ignorant and insulting to the black community they could not have a black person worthy of being a President and had to latch onto a white man.

Anyway, this is an interesting video.

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Obama Laments the Horrible Welfare Treatment in New Orleans

Here is a heart-breaking story about the terrible treatment of Sharon Jasper. She is a welfare recipient who gained the attention of Barak Obama. It is definitely a story everyone must read. By the way, whoever created the picture of Obama in the banner of this site did a great job.

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How Obama and Hillary Really Fell About America

I found this picture over on and thought I would post it here and share it with all of you. I suspect this represents the true feelings of Obama and Hillary toward the U.S.


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